Poultry Nipple Drinking Line

360 degree triggered, fits for all ages of birds as well as the chicks which born only one day.

Product Details

Poultry nipply drinking system


Front component


  1. Front part is the controlling part of drinking system, the main function is to adjust water supplying pressure and stabilizing drinking volume. 

  2. Filter: ensure the cleaness of water.

  3. Water meter: measure the water usage volume.

  4. Doser: add the medicine into the water system, adjust the medicine volume according to the water pressure change.

  5. Pressure regulator: ensure the balance of water pressure when in high or low water pressure, the recoil device is used to discharge the impurity in the water.

Drinking line system

Circular water pipe:



Square water pipe:

1.Lifting and suspension system: adjust the height of drinking line by winch.

2.Nipple drinker with drip cup: 360 degree triggered, fits for all ages of birds as well as the chicks which born only one day.

3.Every nipple drinker can sufficiently supplies 15 broilers, 12 breeders or 10 ducks.

4.304 stainless steel parts,ensure high quality.

5.New style of flow controlling parts solved the corrosion and wet dung such kind of problems

6. All drinkers are inspected seriously before selling.

7. Drinkers can be self clean.

Ending parts of drinking line:

The reading tube which is at the end of drinking line are made of transparent jaffaite, can be read easily.

Age of bord/day1-78-14>15
Height on reading tube50-8080-200200-350

Use in Farm


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