Chicken Farming Plastic Slats Floors

Poultry plastic slats system

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肉鸡料线 (40)

  Poultry plastic slats System



Square big hole plastic slat

1020*600*40mm / 2.2kg / hole size:25*20m

Square small hole plastic slat

1020*600*40mm / 2.38kg / hole size:8*6m

Oblong hole plastic slat

1200*500*40mm / 2.3kg / hole size:40*18mm

Oblong hole plastic slat

1000*500*40mm / 1.91kg / hole size:40*18m

Triangle beam (8cm height)

made by PVC    1kg/meter

Triangle beam (12cm height)

made by PVC    1.55kg/mete

Support leg (type A)

Height freewill as middle pipes length custom-made

Support leg (type B)

Height can adjust from 20cm to 28cm

The advantage:

1]. The Material : Engineering polypropylene , 100% raw material.

2]. Plus patent recipe, to keep the plastic modification, keep anti-oxidants, anti-inhibitor, anti-                 ultraviolet, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, flexibility, high strength, high bearing.

3]. Made by modern molding, the slats finish in one-time.

4]. The plastic slats bearing around 250~280kg.

5]. Good leakage dung rate as the rational hole design, and no burr on surface.

6]. Easy to install and clean, connect one by one firmly.


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