Pig Single Stall

Pig Single Stall

The size:2.2m*0.65m Every set include:single stall,sow feed trough,front and back door,fixed parts.

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 For Export Pig Farming Equipment Sow Single Stall


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The Size :  2.2m * 0.65m

Every set include :

single stall, sow feed trough, front and back door, fixed parts.


1). Regarding to Gestation Stall/Fetation Stall/Single-size Stall ,Hot Galvanized Steel Body and Cast-Iron Steel Slat,Smooth Surface, No Burrs,Can Protect the piglets well;

2). Compact Design for Pregnancy Sows, Limit Sows Activity, Then the Sows can Grow faster;

3). Sows can be temporarily locked into the crates to aid breeding and pregnancy scanning and are able to be released individually or by groups

4). There is Leakage holes in The Slat, Can Keep the Floor Clean;


5).The Feeder is Made of Stainless Steel, Anti-Rust and Anti-Corrosion

6). Feeding trough features solid steel partitions to help reduce sow competition when eating and independent space, avoid the sows scramble, reduce the abortion rate.  

7).The Strong Fasteners can Fasten the Stall firmly, No Warry About the Safety Problems;

8). Measurement Cylinder Feeder Can Control  the Feeds Amount;

9).Easy to Assemble and Clean;

10).Durable, User-friendly And Easy Maintenance;


Why use the single stall?

1. save land, increase the number of breeding units, suitable for intensive farming.

2. it is convenient for feeding and management, convenient for feeding and cleaning of excrement, and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

3. easy to statistics, sow life in the positioning bar at a glance, statistical listing, is not easy to make mistakes.

4. avoid sow fights and reduce miscarriage rates.





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