Pig Farrowing Crates

Pig Farrowing Crates

Pig Farrowing Crates is Corrossion Resistance, Smooth Comfortable Condition for Mother Pig and Piglets, Economic, Increase Piglet Survival Rate, Smooth Surface to protect piglet, all design is based on the pigs living behavior

Product Details

Pig Farrowing Crates For Sale

It adopts leakage dung plastic floor design; the floor supported by fiber glass beam.

Dimension 2.2*3.6m for double type;2.2*1.8m for single type
Feeder 1 stainless steel (SS) feeder respectively for sow and piglet

Hot Galvanized stall  


545mm*460mmplastic for piglet,545mm*600mm cast iron for sow

Drinker 1 SS drinker (for sow), 1 SS water bowl (for piglet)
Farrowing cage φ32*2.5mm circular-tube farrowing cage,the overall length of the hurdle gets to the rear door.
Processing technique 
for steel member
Wholly hot-dip galvanized





 The new features of pig farrowing crates :

1. Adjust farrowing creat  sizes to fit different body sows

And the rear end of the top of the new maternity crates have adopted with a regulating hole pipe, adjustable bed capacity length and width as needed to accommodate different size sow, sow nor will it harm.

2 Creat ground separable, easy to clean and disinfect the bed capacity

The new farrowing creat capacity through the front of the movable latch, you can always open the entire bed capacity, or even directly stand walls, for thoroughly cleaned and disinfected pig epidemic prevention.

3. Adjust the angle of the creat capacity, adapt to the dynamic activity of sows and piglets

Up to about 90 ° swing range, sows and piglets can accommodate different habits and patterns, while ensuring isolation between sows and piglets, so that it can be more free activities, help sow milk and pig growth.

 4. Adjust the installation position to adapt to different sizes of farms

The new farrowing creat capacity different from the ordinary bed capacity, the use of expansion bolts, can be easily fixed to the wall. And because the sidebar can be adjusted, can be adjusted according to the orientation of the creat capacity of the barn area and structure, the same is not enough space for small farms.

5. The versatility of use, to ensure the effective use of space and function

The new creat capacity as sows , can continue as a pig nursery bed at the end of lactation to use, efficient use of space, cost savings, reduce the stress response to environmental changes caused by pigs, pigs raised the survival rate and the rate of slaughter.

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