All Kinds Of Pig Stall

All Kinds Of Pig Stall

sow single stall farrowing crates nursy stall

Product Details

High quality pig gestation farrowing nursery crates stall



The size : 2.2m X 3.6m

Every Set include :

1. Hot Galvanized stall  (Two sow crates)

2-1.  545mm X 600mm cast iron slats for sow area

2-2.  545mm X 460mm plastic slats for piglet area

2-3.  545mm X 600mm plastic slats for incubator room area

3 .   two incubator room  (PVC panel and electric heating floor)

4.   two sow feed trough  (304 stainless or cast iron)

5.   two piglet feed trough  (304 stainless)

6.   Cast iron triangle beam and support legs


Double type farrowing crates: whole fence galvanized, corrosion resistance, surface smooth, not scratch the pig, pig incubator choose PVC plate production, high strength and easy cleaning and disinfection, heat preservation effect is good, is advantageous to the pig health, reduce incidence of pigs, sow bar in front and back the door be can open, to sow the obstetric table up and down.

The new type of Double type farrowing crates is specially designed for sow and Suckling pig, and has the following functions:

1, the Double type farrowing crates can be used to protect the piglet, and put it to death by the sow.

2, for neonatal pigs supply 30 ℃ proper microclimate and the environment;

3. Able to provide excellent sanitary conditions to prevent the accumulation of living things and the reproduction of bacteria, and reduce the disease of piglets;

4, facilitate the treatment of sow and piglets.




The size: 2.2m*1.8m

Every Set include :

1.   Hot Galvanized stall  (One sow crates)

2-1.  545mm*600mm cast iron slats for sow area

2-2.  545mm*600mm plastic slats for piglet area

3.   one sow feed trough  (304 stainless or cast iron)

4.   one piglet feed trough (304 stainless steel)

5.   Cast iron triangle beam and support legs



The Sow single stall is approved by the majority of the pig farms because it can be quantitatively fixed, occupied space and easy to manage. Due to the chronic improper selection, the mother of the foreign species is decreased, and the pig is easily killed in the course of its activities. In order to reduce the possibility of the sow, the majority of pig farms now use the location bar to restrict the activity of the sow. Using the location bar, not only the possibility of the sow sores and the shoulder ulcer is decreased, but also reduces the piglet's inheritable immunity to the sow.


Advantages of the sow single stall:

1. Save land, increase the number of breeding units, suitable for intensive farming.

2. The utility model is convenient for feeding and management, is convenient for feeding and cleaning of excrement, and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

3. Easy to statistics, sow life in the positioning bar at a glance, statistical listing, is not easy to make mistakes.

4. Avoid sow fights and reduce miscarriage rates.



The Size : 2.2m * 3.6m

Every set include :

(1).  Hot Galvanized stall

(2).  One 50kg dry and wet pig feeder

(3).  545mm*600mm plastic slats for all area

(4).  Cast iron triangle beam and support legs






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