Hog Sow Pig Farm Feeding Equipment For Pig Shed

Hog Sow Pig Farm Feeding Equipment For Pig Shed

Automatic pig feeding system with two type, one is auger straight feeding system, other one is chain-disc feeding system.

Product Details


The sow should be feed-limited around the period of farrowing,the transparent dispenser of this system,can control the feed amount accurately for each sow,and feed them at the same time.


Large diameter pipe and auger,the length of the feeding line can reach as long as 200m or above,transmission efficiency 1.5T/h,2.5T/h,4T/h,etc available.

Mature technology,reliable performance,to be used in variety scale of pig houses.


Low cost,easy to assemble,easy to ship,low error,but has high request to the section and length of the auger.




a. Used for dry powder feeding in gestation,nursery,farrowing house.

b. Main parts of this system are imported products.

c. The end of the chain-disc feed line choose special feeding controller to ensure an accurate feed stuff amount.

d. Driving parts made by stainless steel,high quality motor.


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