What Is The Function Of The Pig System?

- Aug 24, 2017-

There are five characteristics of pig system: ① holistic system of pig system; ② overall combination effect; ③ pig system structure characteristics; ④ pig system function; ⑤ pig system evolution, this article mainly about the fourth Is the function of the pig system, as follows:

System and external environment interrelated and the role of the process of order and ability that is the function of the system. The function of the system embodies the transformation of the input and output of matter, energy and information between the system and the external environment, and includes the order of changing the object to be acted upon.

The function of the system is intended to clarify the state of the system itself and the process of causing changes in the state of the environment. The elements that make up the system structure are the most basic conditions for determining the status of a system. Once the system structure is formed, it will have an overall effect on the environment, or adapt to the environment, or change the environment, so the system structure elements can play a useful function, Can also appear harmful function. Intensive pig if there is no good ventilation, it will be because of the high density of the environment within the small air quality becomes bad, harmful gas enrichment, dust enrichment, pathogenic microbial enrichment, and ultimately lead to epidemic epidemic, which is Pig this element, the amount of change (high density) to bring the harmful function.

On the contrary, changes in the environment through the impact of changes in function and lead to changes in the system structure. Increased risk of mycotoxins, so that the physical decline of pigs, prone to death; at the same time pathogenic microorganisms more easily survive in pigs, regardless of the type of pathogenic microorganisms or the number is increasing, thus changing the structure of the system, so also decided China's pig industry at least in the current situation can not play the system should have the overall function. Poor overall production performance is the inevitable result.