The Price Of Pork Retreated Several Happy Several Sad?

- Jan 17, 2018-

The price of pork retreated several happy several sad?

So far this year, the price of pork has been high for a long time, and the people's "vegetable basket" is very heavy. However, recent experts predict that the second half of the pig price will come down the common people carry "vegetable basket" will appear relaxed.

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Since last year, prices soared, continuous rise in 16 months, but due to the effect of multiple factors, started to cut after the Dragon Boat Festival this year, prices highs trend obviously, at present the national average price of live pigs is still close to 20 yuan/kg.

From the perspective of consumption, the price of some beef and mutton in the market is lower than that of pork, and pork consumption is restrained and replaced. In some vegetable market stalls of pork stalls, the stall owners simply fall asleep. In addition to the hot weather, the consumption of pork in the low season, the school holiday in July, concentrated consumption reduction.

From the point of view of pork supply side, the transition pressure column of early farmers is generally available. At the same time, feed price increases recently, the pressure column cost increases, resulting in the centralized column; The average weight gain was significantly increased, and in a certain extent, the supply of pork was increased.

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Meanwhile, data released by relevant agencies recently showed that the import of pork in May was 16.35 million tons, an increase of 37.86 percent from the previous month and 202 percent from a year earlier. In January and may, pork imports were 560,000 tons, and the first five months exceeded 2014. Imports are expected to reach 180,000 tonnes in June and reach 1.2m tonnes in 2016. The concentration and quantity of imported meat will also affect the price trend of domestic pig and pork market.

However, at the other end of the industrial chain, the high prices of live pigs have caused the high cost of slaughtering enterprises to cause widespread losses, and many small and medium-sized slaughtering enterprises even shut down production. Meat production enterprises to reduce costs to protect profits, a large number of imported pork substitutes domestic meat. In addition to the recent consumption of pork, the amount of slaughter has also declined. At present, the price of pigs in the pig market is lower than that of the standard pig, and the supply and demand turns out. The pricing power of the pig market may be transferred.

The head of a statistical department said that the price of meat reached its recent peak in May, which was delayed by 1-2 months compared with normal, which was a misleading effect of the earlier public opinion. In fact, the price of meat fell in March last year and rebounded in April, according to market rules, which should fall back in March and April. But in early march, the release of a data showing "a steady decline in the number of pig stocks compared with the previous year" has seriously affected pig and pork markets.

The head also said that, according to the market rule, meat prices last year in March and April bottoms out later, to numerous sow breeding stock rose will stop falling in June at the latest, even if there were no adequate replacement gilts, at the very least will delay can eliminate numerous sows, its breeding stock will yoy increase before the end of last year.

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The head also said that some large farming groups, the pig's column weight has dropped from 120 kilograms a month ago to the recent 110 kg or even 109 kilograms. Small and medium - sized farms are also "put" together.

China pig early warning network, chief analyst at yong-hui feng advice, must not during this period the pig die some individuals and institutions, such as prediction of so-called 22 yuan/kg even a peak of 24 yuan/kg, should according to the actual situation, timely market.