The Maintenance Of The Pig Feed Automation System

- Aug 24, 2017-

1. Automatic feeding system by the person responsible for the maintenance, operation, pig farm other personnel are not free to control, so as to avoid accidents.

2. Feed motor and feed motor are 380V power supply, the main power line to use four square copper wire, in addition to the power line must be erected firmly, people and livestock is not easy to reach.

3. Silos are relatively high, generally placed in the outdoors, after the installation of equipment, should take a shed, so as not to rain, such as control box.

4. Feed the pipe at the interface, sealed with glass glue to avoid the rain into the infusion pipe, pollution feed.

5. The hopper is finished, covered with wood, to avoid leaves, plastic bags, gray soil floating into the hopper, pollution feed.

6. Check the sensor signal line, to avoid being bitten by the mouse, or fixed is not strong and off, was bitten by pigs.