The Four Major Functions Of Pig Farm Intelligent Monitoring System In Pig Industry

- Aug 24, 2017-

With the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level of aquaculture and the rise of scientific management level, the pig industry from sporadic production to intensive production. For the pig industry, pig farms are mostly built away from the urban areas, to bring centralized management to bring a lot of inconvenience. Pig farms are usually required to have strict management practices, the only way to improve the pig farm's economic efficiency and market competitiveness. The application of the monitoring system in the pig farm can help the management staff to realize the supervision and management of the pig farm production process even if it is not in the field. The expert can invite the expert to provide the remote guidance and diagnosis and treatment of the pig farm through the remote video monitoring system. In addition, the establishment of a monitoring system can effectively achieve the pig farm information management, while greatly reducing the number of personnel, effectively improve the management of the pig industry. At present, some local lack of application monitoring device to achieve the farm information management example, in the re-production of pig, through the extensive use of monitors, and achieved the desired effect, to improve the level of management requirements. Previously installed monitoring equipment for some aspects of security, or used to monitor someone's whereabouts; now pig farm installation monitoring system has a new use, it is mainly in the pig industry in the following four aspects of the role.

1. Surveillance The images taken by the camera can determine the status of the herd and whether the breeder is operating at the level of science and technology. A staff member can see through the camera more than the work of the breeder and the activities of many pigs.

2. Observation of the role of pigs The pig farms are basically litter sows, pig farms in order to make a good job preparation, the traditional way to be guards. Especially in the cold winter, waiting in the pit is really difficult for breeders, nor meet the "people-oriented" requirements. Through the installation of the monitor, to reduce the burden on people, breeders can be comfortable in the office, bedroom observation, when the proceeds into the estate.

3. Display the role of installation monitoring system through a little understanding of the audience. Foreign personnel, visitors, the purchase staff in the control room can see the situation of all pig farms, or even not to the pig farm through the Internet can be remotely through the internet real time to see the pig farm video images, to understand the various conditions of the pig farm , But also conducive to epidemic prevention.

4. Count the role of the original count of sperm count, density, vitality need to use the naked eye under the microscope to observe, counting, easy to fatigue, but not accurate. Now on the eyepiece to install the camera, you can display through the color display one by one, both accurate and convenient, conducive to production, improve the pig productivity.