The Feed Conveyor Should Be Installed On A Rugged Basis

- Aug 24, 2017-

Feed conveyor can be horizontal, tilt, vertical and other omni-directional delivery, such as rice, rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, peanuts, plastic and granular materials. The plastic conveyor is especially suitable for bulk, bulk, loose, etc. in the production process, such as warehouse, warehouse, warehouse, stacking and grain processing, feed processing and brewing. Mechanized operations.

Some of the things that need to be noticed when using a particle conveyor:

(1) should be installed on a solid foundation to use, it should be more than one parallel use, then the interval between each can not be less than 1 meter. Also, there should be no buildup around the equipment to avoid obstructing the operation of the equipment.

(2) Before starting, check whether the tightness of the conveyor belt is suitable, and whether the components and other problems, is strictly prohibited machine running disease.

(3) should start, wait until normal, then feeding, the order can not be reversed.

(4) by multiple combinations together in series feeding, then it should start from the end of discharge, in accordance with the order to start. Wait until all of them are working properly before they can be fed.

Chain deviation is generally seen in the relatively long automatic pipe chain machine, often due to poor installation caused by, such as the whole set is not straight too large; the first round, tail wheel and rail, wheel is not right; Not parallel; tail wheel adjustment stroke inconsistency, etc. can cause the chain deviation. When you take note of these aspects, the chain deviation is generally not so easy to happen.

The average speed of the solid particles in the system increases with the increase of the apparent gas velocity during the operation of the powder conveyor. The reason for this phenomenon is that there is a significant difference between the gas phase and the solid phase in the steady state of the system, and the velocity of the gas phase is significantly higher than that of the solid phase. At the same time, there are obvious pressure differences in the different stages of the pipeline in the pipeline, so there is a clear force between the gas phase and the solid phase, and the gas phase drives the solid phase. Therefore, when the gas velocity increases in the system, its driving force to the solid phase also increases correspondingly, and the average velocity of the solid phase increases.