The Concept And Composition Of Pig System

- Aug 24, 2017-

The pig system is a collection of two or more elements that can be distinguished from each other. There are certain links and interactions between the various elements that form a specific overall structure and a specific function of the environment. It is subordinate to a larger system The

Well-known scientist Qian Xuesen argues that the system, that is, the interaction and interdependence, the organic components of a number of components that have a specific function, and that the system itself is part of a larger system to which it belongs.

The elements or components of this system include the complex relationships between domestic pigs, humans, related microbes and animals, and the living environment, the formation of human swine and pig support, and the formation of a unique biological community.

This system realizes the unique function of providing meat to mankind while forming an organic whole and subordinate to the larger human ecosystem. The wild boar system, although also attached to the human ecosystem, but no one of this element (in the human non-intervention of the original ecological environment), its specific function is different, that is not to provide meat for human beings, but to maintain the original ecology Chain balance.

It can be seen that the nature of the system depends on the structure of the elements. The nature of the pig system is different from the nature of the wild boar system due to the participation of human elements. In this dynamic structure of the system, its structure is good or bad direct role between the South elements reflected in the coordination.

Because of the domestication and breeding of human breeds, especially the modern genotype pig constitution, it has a low ability to coordinate with pathogenic microorganisms and is more susceptible than wild boar. Therefore, this structure is not good. _ Human beings can not not pig, only to deal with elements and elements, elements and the relationship between the system in order to better achieve the function of the system. The system can not be separated from the environment, the system and its environment must be between the material, energy, information exchange. Changes in the characteristics and nature of the environment tend to cause changes in the nature and quantity of the system, and vice versa.

By the wild boar system into the domestic pig system is the environment and system interaction to create a system change, but also in turn affect the system after the change.

In the open system (refers to the elements to the environment with material, energy, information exchange system), elements and elements can be between each other environment. Such as between pigs and microbes. Pigs are the environment in which microbes survive, and in turn, microbes form the inner environment of the pig.

Intestinal flora formation of intestinal environment; latent in the tonsils, macrophages of the virus to form a poisonous internal environment. So in an open system, the actual environment is not just the whole thing around the system, but also those with the system material, energy, information exchange relationship between things, this concept of change is more conducive to change the understanding of China's pig The nature of the epidemic. And dealing with the relationship between the system and the environment, including the relationship between the micro-environment is a very complex issue. Seem too simple. That the epidemic, drug health care can solve the problem of disease raging is wishful thinking, is the lack of systematic theory under the guidance of naive thinking.