System Characteristics Of Pig Automation

- Aug 24, 2017-

Pigs automatic feeding line system features:

Control precision, save manpower, improve production efficiency and reduce farming costs.

Automatic feeding system is my company for the development of a pig farm products, driven by the motor, scraper chain through the pipeline, the feed from the tank to the pig. The pipelines are passed from the troughs of the pigs, and in each trough position, there is a tee cut. Feed in the chain driven, the automatic flow into the trough. The system can be applied to fattening pig house, positioning bar, sow precision feeding, pig breeding equipment.

Automatic feeding system can automatically feed the feed tank to the pig feed trough, the feed is in accordance with the time control, you can set a number of time periods for the material, to set the opening time three-phase AC motor connected to power, Drive the scraper chain and start feeding. To set the closing time or during the sensor to detect the feed to fill, cut off the three-phase AC power, stop feeding. Control box with a mature microcomputer control switch, you can set up 8 times a day period. Each feeding time depends on the length of the pigsty line, the number of pigs, the amount of pig feed intake.

Automatic feeding system can achieve automatic operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the efficiency of the pig farm. Stable performance, the use of reliable, low failure rate, the majority of pig farmers get the praise