Swine Disease At A Glance? Teach You Ten Trick To Identify Sick Pigs

- Feb 28, 2018-

1, look at the action. A healthy pig, with its tail swaying, can respond quickly and sensitively to external stimuli. Healthy adult pigs eat good sleep. If you give food, then come from, after lying on the floor, sleepiness, in case of strangers close, that is, stand up and continue to shake the tail. If found pigs apathetic, sluggish movements, often lying on the ground, refused to diet, stiff back, walking shaking, head and tail drooping and other phenomena, the sick pigs.

2, look at the skin. Healthy pigs, smooth and rounded skin, muscle fullness; such as pigskin hard and lack of flexibility, swelling, ulcers, erythema, rotten spots, etc. are sick performance.

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3, to see the color. Healthy pigs, bright and moist coat color, if pig hair tough, lack of flexibility, messy, is the performance of pigs.

4, look at the nose plate. Healthy pigs, nostrils wet sweat ball; such as pig's nose dry dry sweat beads, a large number of mucus spills within the nostrils, which is also the performance of sick pigs.

5, look at the eyes. Healthy pigs, eyes bright and god; if the pig's eyes were found to be dim, red, excessive eye discharge is the performance of pigs.

6, look at the neck. Healthy pigs, head and neck activities freely, no swollen hard phenomenon; such as the pig's head and neck movements are not uncommon or swelling and stiff hair, it is the performance of pigs.



7, look at the breath. Healthy pigs, normal breathing 10-20 beats / min; if abdominal breathing too fast or too slow is not normal.

8, see the tail. Healthy pigs, anus clean without droppings; if found swine anus and the surrounding, even the tail sticky fecal excrement or anal prolapse or tail drooping immobile, it is the performance of sick pigs.

9, look posture. Healthy pigs, sleep more sleep, breathing for abdominal breathing; if the dog sitting posture, mouth breathing, it is the performance of sick pigs.

10, listen to the sound. Healthy pig, issued a loud cry; such as hoarse voice, it is the performance of sick pigs.