Six Measures For The Safety Of Pig Breeding In Summer And Autumn.

- Mar 15, 2018-

1. Purchase quality feed raw materials.

Into the mould rains season, pig pass of feed raw material choose and buy, choose high quality feed ingredients, careful animal protein raw material, do the color fresh, fermentation, mildew, agglomeration and peculiar smell, smell; Special person detects and controls the moisture content of feed and raw material; Detection of harmful substances in the diet and to microbial standard, if 0.02 mg per kilogram contains yellow aspergillus toxin in feed raw grain, corn, gibberellic ketene 0.10 mg, 0.08 mg T - 2 toxin, brown aspergillus toxins 0.50 mg, 0.02 mg, vomiting, any kind of mycotoxin must be added in the feed mould inhibitor and mycotoxins adsorbent; Keep cool, ventilated, dry and sealed in the feed storage, ground planks and feed bags are not in direct contact with the ground.

GOLDENEST hot galvanized feed silo

Poultry pig Feed silo (1).jpg

2. Rational use of "green additives"

In strict accordance with pollution-free production technology standard requirements, added in the feed enzyme preparation, acid preparation, organic trace elements (copper, zinc methionine, lysine, methionine chromium yeast selenium, etc.), new type of feed additives, such as garlic, Chinese herbal medicine additive with wet mixing materials feeding, improve the digestibility of organic matter. The experiment showed that this technique reduced the excretion of nitrogen in pig manure by 20.87, and the phosphorus excretion decreased by 17.04. In addition, use opportunely some cheap in pig feed additives, green natural vitamins and minerals such as: pine needle powder, garlic, orange peel powder, humulus scandens, purslane, thin GongYing, plantain, radix geutianae, coal ash, yellow clay, etc., have the effect of promote growth, the prevention and treatment of pig disease, and lower costs, improve the quality of pork.

3. Safe use of drugs.

According to law, establishing scientific immunization program, prevention of drug use or not use less as far as possible at ordinary times, when necessary medication, added in the feed, water of the veterinary drug use green food standards specified in the "allows the use of drugs, such as Chinese herbal medicine, probiotics, deworming tablets, disinfectant as preventive strategy, and strict to take medicine, prevent drug residue pollute the environment.

GOLDENEST pig chain feeding line :

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4. Establish the relationship of human swine.

According to the principle of pig as the principle, create various conditions to meet the needs of pig survival and psychology. Technicians swine piggery contact twice a day, at the same time, in addition to their keepers pig feed and finishing housing pigs of the observation, every 1 hours will be made for pigs static, dynamic and feeding water search and contact information. Treat the pig as a friend, treat every pig with good care, not be rude, sick pig isolation treatment, establish the human pig affinity atmosphere.

5. To kill mice and kill mosquitoes.

Adhere to the combination of biological, physical and chemical methods, the monthly concentration of a single rodent, with remarkable results; To control the breeding source, feed additive, spraying drugs, and anti-mosquito lamp, etc., to eliminate mosquito flies and achieve better results.

6. Planting trees and planting flowers.

To do a good job of virescence and beautification pig farms, planting trees and flowers, and the area and the surrounding planting willow tree, fruit tree, ginkgo, pine, clove, such as green trees, species of chrysanthemum flowers, roses, lantern, sweet potato flowers, champagne, etc., also put in indoor cordate telosma, eat Chinese caterpillar fungus, blooming by fly mei, marigold, qi li xiang, jasmine, milan, mint or roses, significantly improve the field environment. According to the monitoring by the environmental protection agency, the summer temperature drops by 10% to 20%, while the toxic and harmful gas in the field is reduced by 25%, the odor reduction is 50%, the dust is reduced by 35% ~ 65%, and the bacterial count is reduced by 20% ~ 80%.