Intelligent Aquaculture Management Platform Configuration

- Aug 24, 2017-

To achieve the collection of pig information collection, analysis, management; provide threshold settings, intelligent analysis, retrieval, alarm function; to provide rights management functions and drive farming control system.

When the user in the breeding process can not solve the problem, but also the information or pictures can be transmitted to the agricultural intelligence expert system, pig breeding experts in the field of questions for the user to answer, easy to sit at home can grasp the advanced feeding information. Users can also manually generate a database of rearing knowledge, when the same problem occurs repeatedly, will be able to view the solution in a timely manner, do not have to spend a lot of trouble, and then find good policy.

Configuration configuration

1) Information acquisition system: carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, air temperature and humidity, light intensity, pressure, noise, dust and other sensors, collecting information parameters;

2) wireless transmission system: remote wireless transmission of data collection;

3) automatic control system: including skylights, curtains, fans;

4) video surveillance system: to see the pig's pig growth and living conditions, pay close attention to the occurrence of the epidemic, prevention and treatment;

5) software platform: remote data real-time view parameters and automatic control functions, all kinds of alarm functions, access to intelligent expert system functions.

The application of intelligent pig model in China is a revolution in China's pig industry, and it is of great significance. Sow raising and raising activities to improve physical fitness and resistance to improve sow health; pregnant sows 24 hours of accurate feeding, reduce sow stress, improve herd welfare; sow group to reduce the proportion of dystocia; Sow breeding rate of delivery rate, piglets born heavy and uniform; control sow feed waste, reduce pig farm production costs; reduce labor intensity, to achieve fine production management; to solve the lack of labor restrictions on the scale of pig farms; Data management and statistical analysis, can continue to improve pig farm production performance. I believe that in the near future this intelligent pig model will be in full swing in the country.