How To Treat Inflammation Broiler Balloon?

- Mar 22, 2018-

  In most chickens, the earliest ones can have sneezing and throwing noses at the end of six days and nights at eight or nine days, and some have nasal discharges. At this time, Chinese medicines that detoxify and detoxify and anti-inflammatory drugs such as tylosin that resist the respiratory tract are added. After a course of treatment, the symptoms of rejection of nose and phlegm are light, but the chicken that has opened his mouth to breathe is actually a disease that has gone down from the upper respiratory tract. At this time, white foam is already in the abdomen, and it quickly uses anti-virus. Medicine plus airbag inflammation treatment drugs, after this course of treatment came down, the flock will appear European and European screaming and stretched neck shake, this time the chicken is the emergence of abdominal white or yellow foam sip, or appear pericardial white, or yellow Water, the chickens appeared to eat slowly. Then it developed into abdominal cavity and chest yellow pericardial liver, and some appeared bronchus mixed with white or yellow occlusions. The severe pericardium was yellow, and the lungs were jelly-like or yellow. Followed by heart and lung failure, renal swelling, high death.

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  So why is this happening? Why almost all chickens are the rule of the disease? Let's start with the environment and talk about it from external factors.

  First, the environment: the climate is dry, the weather is changeable. Since autumn and winter last year, the precipitation in most parts of northern China and in the northeastern part of China has been very scarce. It can be said to be extremely dry. A sudden drop in temperature every other month and a severe smog falling by three times worsens the disease. However, we cannot control this kind of environment. Therefore, we can only proceed from the following small environments to maximize our breeding efficiency.

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  Second, humidity: low humidity. Most of the broiler houses now use hot air stoves with air bags or directly send hot air to the houses. The farmers do not pay attention to the humidity, making the house very dry, and the external climate is dry, it can be said to be a fire, this kind of drying The environment can easily cause the chicken's respiratory mucous membrane to fall off, the disease enters the opportunity, as early as 4 and 5 days of age, after the 7-day-old immunization, cough, sputum and other symptoms appear. At this time, the humidity should be increased by means of water splashing on the work channel, water spraying on the walls (with corridors on both sides), remodeling of the hot blast stove (wetting can be done), and other methods. Without moisture, raising chickens is the most important part of raising chickens in the winter in the north.

  Third, the habit of high temperature chickens. High temperature means fast growth, it also means lack of oxygen, chickens are vulnerable to weak constitution.

Fourth, temperature and ventilation. Every time this topic mentions its importance, it is a contradiction. I cannot see that it is mainly due to unreasonable coordination.

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 1. Do not dare to ventilate the "boring" temperature: the heating area of the stove is small, it is difficult to supply heat by itself, not to mention the ventilation; either for the hot blast furnace with large heating area, or to add the furnace.

 2. Their own habits, some farmers fear that the chicken is always afraid to ventilate, even if the technical staff to open the ventilation pipe to help him open, the technician left after he will then close; advise farmers such as winter do not raise If you do not lose money, you can only count as good luck.

 3. It is not considered as a small account. In order to save coal money, the fire is stopped in advance and the temperature in the house depends on the "boring". In fact, we should count ourselves as one, is it expensive or expensive? Or is it expensive to lose after onset?

 4. Will not ventilate, just look at the temperature does not look at the chicken feel: during the day through the night unreasonable: during the day high temperature on the ventilation, to the evening on the whole closed not ventilated, the chicken "stupid" up, so the general death of chickens are in the next peak Midnight to morning. Therefore ventilation at night is more important than during the day. Ventilation pipes (windows) do not need to be closed. The stove burns more coal and keeps the temperature just fine. This daytime ventilation requires too many new farmers to close the window at night.

 5. Breezy wind blows directly on the chicken through the window and sunroof to cause chickens to catch a cold. A ventilation curtain should be installed at the ventilation window. The rag cloth should be installed under the sunroof to change the direction after the cold wind comes in and avoid blowing directly to the chicken. Body. Another point is to let the ventilation have enough wind speed to allow the cold air entering the house to go up.

 6. The installation of ventilation ducts is irrational: In the market, it has been found that the ventilation ducts installed in the breeding farms can be described as various, too thin, too thick, too long, too short, too dense, too thin, drilled, Eyesight, eyesight, eyesight, eyesight, eyes down, etc., please note that ventilation ducts are not installed in disorder! The space (length, width, space) High), breeding quantity, exhaust area, etc. to calculate the intake area, and then install it properly.

 7. The use of fans and ventilation windows (tubes) is irrational: caged chicken houses are heavier than those raised on the Internet. The reason is that the density of cages is high, and the relative need for air intake is also large. In addition, horizontal fans cannot be used. Therefore, once the design of the ventilation system of the coop is unreasonable, it will cause some ventilation in the coop, or a corner of ventilation. The performance of the light flocks is to eat unequally, the same as the mechanical addition, the time can be finished. Two or three hours later, once the temperature difference in a room exceeds 5 degrees and the mechanical ventilation is half an hour, chickens will experience virus and kidney transmission. It is necessary for the farm owners to find out the reasons for poor ventilation and correct them in time according to the actual conditions of their own chicken houses.

Fifth, several winter broiler farming in the attention: 1. To avoid high-temperature farming; 2. Humidification, no humidity, it is difficult to prevent air balloon inflammation; 3. Turn off the lights, each time off the lights 4-6 hours, pay attention to turn off the lights before Increase the temperature by 2-3 degrees, avoid the chickens getting cold and diarrhea after turning off the lights, turn off the lights so that the chickens get enough rest, protect the spleen and stomach, so as to avoid food stagnation and phlegm.

  With respect to the treatment of airbag inflammation, drug selection has the following effects:

Strong heart (enhance heart pumping ability, increase heart and lung carrying oxygen content)

Activating blood and removing blood stasis (improving the blood microcirculation, especially the microcirculation of blood in the pulmonary capillaries, hepatorenal blood microcirculation, intestinal microcirculation)

  Heat and fever (exclude "inner fire")

  Detoxification (toxins in the intestine, liver, kidneys, lungs)

  Increased immunity (enhanced resistance to diseases, immune system, immunity, immunity of immune cells to antigens and ability to respond to viruses)

  How to pull out the "poison tumor" of pediatric airbag inflammation, do not rely on simple drugs to treat, must be multi-pronged, will receive unexpected results!

  At this stage, mainly respiratory diseases lead to subsequent airsacculitis and mixed infection, resulting in a large number of chickens and casualties, and farmers often only think of finding good technicians and good medicines at this time. To see, go to the treatment, the result did not less feed, the disease was not cured, and finally sold chicken lose money.