Five Factors Affect The Feed Ratio

- Dec 27, 2017-

1, piglets

Pigs are the foundation of pigs. The benefits of a good piglet seed can have a very large impact. For pigs that are not self-supporting, it is crucial. Some diseases, poisonous, weak Aberdeen piglets, such as stress during transport more piglets, the impact of the farm is self-evident, affecting the growth and health of piglets, feed ratio increased naturally. sow feeding equipment .

Longmen County, Huizhou strong breeding cooperative Chen Xiaoyang told reporters that the choice of piglets to choose those growing good, disease-resistant, word of mouth enterprises piglets. Pigs of different strains grow differently. Although cooperatives have bought different piglets such as Dan, American and Taiwanese, the new breed of pigs grow faster and have lower feed and meat ratio.

2, feed and immune

Since it comes to feed ratio, then feed is an indispensable factor. Nutritional balance of feed, energy supply, whether deterioration, the merits of raw materials, etc. will affect feed intake. The immune health lies in ensuring the health of pigs, normal gastrointestinal function to play to reduce non-health energy and nutritional consumption. It is understood that the current pig farms have enough attention to the immune, immunization programs and vaccine options are very particular, but the emphasis on feed is not so high. swine feeding system.

Feeding nutrition level below the critical point, feed conversion rate is relatively good, excess nutrients feed is not very good. Feng Dingyuan said that there are three main nutritional feed conversion rate. The first is the balance of nutrition, if it is a balanced diet of amino acids, fatty acids, pig feed meat ratio than the imbalance is higher. Followed by some growth promoters, fermented materials, herbs, antibiotics, enzymes and other additives to use, but also can improve weight gain, reduce feed ratio. The third is the feed processing technology, pellets, puffing material absorption efficiency than the powder, unripe feed is higher. 

Zhuhai Jiang Meizhou East Jinchuan pig production manager also said that the choice of feed to choose high-quality brand feed, although the feed into a larger number, but pigs eat well, grow faster, but better. In the summer, the pig farm will feed the wet and wet feed one time sooner or later, add pigs to the pig after the punching, and replenish the dry feed for the rest of the time to achieve good results. The quality of raw materials have a great impact on feed intake and weight gain, try not to use moldy feed, and even pig farms in order to ensure the quality of feed ingredients, far from the purchase of quality corn from Liaoning. pig automatic feeding line

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3, the growth stage

Pig growth rate in different growth stages is different, the smaller the stage feed conversion rate is higher. Feng Dingyuan believes that less than 100 kilograms of pigs, feed conversion is better, less meat and meat ratio. For the current fattening pigs are often sold in more than 260 pounds, there are pig farms choose to adjust the formula at different stages of quantitative tracking. Such as 100 pounds, 150 pounds, late and other stages, adjust the formula to achieve the best ratio of feed.

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