Feed Conveyor Feed Is Continuous Spiral

- Aug 24, 2017-

Feed conveyor conveyor belt conveyor for bulk food, grain delivery, stacking, loading and unloading vehicles and other operations. There are 5 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters and other specifications, removable belt conveyor with electric, manual lift two types. Movable belt conveyor with fast and slow speed to meet the different requirements of bulk transport, packaging, improve the use of equipment, play a multi-purpose machine performance. In the mobile belt conveyor frame on both sides of the side with a bypass pipe to prevent the package in the delivery bag, and in the feed hopper on both sides of the device has adjustable handle, the side board propped up to prevent food leakage, easy to bulk food transport The Large and small rounds are used solid rubber tire, to prevent crushing grain and warehouse ground. And equipped with ball bearings, with automatic steering function, to ensure that the machine moves light and flexible. Yuhan movable conveyor frame using welded hanger structure, in the packaging transport load under the sufficient strength and good steel. The mobile belt conveyor is divided into two kinds of specifications, which can be used for conveying, stacking and loading and unloading of bulk materials such as bulk grain, bread grain and feedstuffs. operation.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the granulation of the granulator was continuous spiral, and the quenched and tempered was paddle. As the feed volume was based on the size of the granulated particles, the feed volume was changed and the speed was required. To ensure that the quenching and tempering effect, the speed of the regulator must be constant, for which the two can not take into account. Therefore, the quenching and tempering process is very poor in the quenching and tempering process. To this end, to the end of the 1960s to the early 1970s and the quenching and tempering combination of the quenching and tempering process, was to feed and quenched and tempered independent of the process equipment replaced.

As people recognize the unfavorable factors of coaxial combination of feed and tempering, the feed and tempering starts to drive separately. At this point, the length of the conditioning device is generally shorter, slightly more than the length of the compression chamber and the main drive and the sum, usually within 2 000 mm. Moderator diameter is generally 300 ~ 400mm or less, the speed of 200r / min or so, the material in the time to stay in the conditioning device within 15 ~ 30s. As the feed and quenching and tempering function has been clear division of labor, the conditioning device for the blade, to this end, the material quenching and tempering effect improved, granulated starch gelatinization degree of up to 25%, so after quenching and tempering starch paste The degree of change can be within 15% to 20%, and can add a variety of liquids. As the starch gelatinization degree is not high, the particle water resistance is poor, so the quenching and tempering process can only be used for livestock feed production, and can not be used for water-resistant aquatic feed.

As the modifier rotor speed high quenching and tempering speed and quenching and tempering when the number of liquid than the rotor speed is better, so the current development trend of the modulator is to high-speed, strong modulator direction. After quenching and tempering have a good homogenization time, so that the quenching and tempering effect and the level of a larger increase. With the application of high-speed, strong conditioning device, feed digestion and absorption rate of the feed formula should also be adjusted to achieve the best breeding effect and the greatest economic benefits. Otherwise, it may be a waste of raw materials or produce some adverse reactions such as fatty liver.