Dog Days How To Feed Chicken?

- Jan 17, 2018-

Don't mix with water becomes gruel feed feed chicken, thinners easy to dilute digestive juices, reduce all kinds of digestive enzyme activity, leading to incomplete feed digestion, nutrient absorption is poor, even can cause indigestion, it greatly reduces the feed utilization rate. However, if the feeding is not increased, the nutritional needs of chickens will not be satisfied and the weight gain will be affected. It is also easy to deposit fat, the subcutaneous fat is too thick to cater to consumer preference. Chicken parents feeding system.

In drinking water, try to use free drinking fountains, water fountain or plastic cover, such as plastic water fountain is best hung with cover, with chicken can drink water advisable, guarantee the chicken have enough clean drinking water. Do not use plastic basin to hold water, because of the wide mouth design, dust, pathogen extremely easy to pollute water source.

If the weather is hot, but cool and refreshing in the morning and the evening feeding, can raise chicken feed intake, the wet material can be used at noon, the ratio of material to water with 1:0.5 ~ 2 advisable, made by hand to knead dough can spread out the extent to which is better. This kind of dry and wet combination can make the chicken feed well, secrete the digestive juice, and the feed digestion and absorption is good. Chicken parents feeding system

With high temperature in the water with a little when glucose and vitamin C, it can increase due to lack of food intake and lack of energy, and enhance the chicken's physique and anti-stress ability, to aid in the treatment of high fever have some effect. In addition, the feeding trough, water tank and sink should be washed regularly, and the water should be changed to avoid breeding bacteria..