Design Of Intelligent Pig System Solution

- Aug 24, 2017-

With the development of society, the increasingly serious pollution, the environment more and more people's attention. With the trend of large-scale farming, more and more farmers want to solve the problem of labor shortage, high labor costs. Similarly, in order to make the pig better and faster growth, only for the pig to create a good survival and production conditions, in order to achieve less feed, access to a large number of good quality pork. For the pig industry, its production is mainly affected by the breeding species, feeding the type and quality of feed, disease, growth environment and management level and other factors. Which the role of environmental factors is particularly important, accounting for about 20% -30% of the proportion. Pigs environmental factors include temperature, humidity, noise, light, harmful gases (NH3, CO2, H2S), density, ventilation and so on.

The intelligent management system includes the following:

First, the kitchen environmental information intelligent collection system

Pigs within the environment include: carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, air temperature and humidity, light intensity, pressure, noise, dust, etc., the signal automatically detects, transmits and receives.

Carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, dust and other gases will lead to the occurrence of pig epidemic; air temperature and humidity, light intensity, pressure affect the quality of pig growth; density, temperature and humidity, ventilation and ventilation affect the speed of pig growth and reproduction The These factors can be set to the standard value or range of values, when the normal range beyond when the automatic alarm system will inform the user by SMS, the user can take their own response measures.

Second, the pig house environment automatic control system

To achieve the indoor environment (including light intensity, temperature, humidity, etc.) concentration, remote, linkage control.

Connected with the Internet has a variety of automatic adjustment equipment. When the pig house illumination, the temperature is not in the normal setting range, can be remotely controlled to open or close the skylight to obtain light and temperature, but also real-time fan cooling; when the humidity is not enough, you can open the curtain, increase humidity.