Clever Use Of Feed To Solve The Chicken Shell Eggs

- Dec 27, 2017-

First, add calcium material

Because laying hens need a lot of calcium to form egg shells, it is difficult to tell if the calcium content of the daily feed is sufficient, and the calcium intake of only 50 to 70 grams of feed per day for the chicken is only the feed Russian calcium 60%. So, calcium alone is not enough in feed. In the chicken feed to add 3% to 4% shell powder to supplement the lack of calcium.

breeder laying egg nest


Second, add phosphorus

Phosphorus has an important role in the formation of bones, eggshells, and somatic cells in chickens, as well as in the utilization of carbohydrates, fats and calcium. Chickens also have to absorb enough phosphorus for the formation of egg yolk. Therefore, The nutritional quality of eggs are crucial. Chicken feed phosphorus, should account for more than 0.5% of the total nutrients, add 1% to 2% of the bone meal or calcium phosphate, calcium and phosphorus deficiency can be added.

Third, the appropriate ratio of calcium and phosphorus

Improper ratio of calcium and phosphorus Whether calcium phosphorus less or less phosphorus calcium, the health of the chicken, egg production and egg shell quality will have a negative impact. General dietary calcium, phosphorus ratio should be 6 ~ 8: 1 is appropriate. If the two are not properly proportioned, it will result in thin shell or soft shell egg. As the egg shell calcification occurs mainly in the night before, it should be appropriate to extend the evening feeding time. Therefore, every evening to feed chicken chickens or bone meal, can improve the quality of eggshell.

layer manual laying nest:

Fourth, add vitamins

In the absence of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus uptake and metabolism can be impaired even with adequate dietary calcium, resulting in small eggs, malformations, thin shells and soft shells, decreased egg production and hatchability. Therefore, vitamin D is a very important group of chickens in the body, the most cost-effective way to get vitamin D chicken is more than the sun, the skin and feathers contain 7-deoxycholesterol, after UV irradiation into vitamin D3 and It is absorbed and utilized. Production is generally added in the diet of vitamin D3. With cod liver oil as a dietary supplement of vitamin D and vitamin D deficiency treatment drugs, can be satisfied with the results.

Fifth, keep the feed fresh

Feeds due to improper storage and mildew, after feeding the chicken caused by the liver, kidney and other aflatoxin infringement, thus undermining the metabolism of vitamin D in chickens, resulting in weight loss of chickens, reduced feed costs, disease resistance Poor force, reduced egg production, shell softening. Therefore, to keep the feed properly to prevent mildew.