Application Of Pneumatic Conveying System In Feed Factory

- Aug 24, 2017-

The pneumatic conveying system is a set of receiving and conveying devices which use air flow to deliver powder (granular) material in the pipeline, which has the characteristics of less (no) residue, mechanized operation, high production efficiency and excellent working environment. The pneumatic conveying system of the feed factory Mainly in the following five cases: ① pneumatic conveying system, almost no residue inside the material, to avoid the residual material caused by the cross-contamination caused by the reduction of product quality in the feed factory in the increasingly widespread use, especially in the Known as the feed "soft gold" high-grade premix production; ② pneumatic conveying system has a high mechanization operating efficiency, commonly used in feed factory raw material reception, intermediate product delivery; ③ pneumatic conveying system can effectively improve the host equipment Production efficiency, such as hammer mill system, vertical ultrafine grinding system of pneumatic conveying system, not only played a role in conveying materials, and at least improve the hammer mill nearly 20% to 40% of the production capacity; Feed and pet food production plants, often using pneumatic conveying system to transport puffed material, to avoid the bucket elevator (5) the use of terminal suction (unloading) material machinery to improve the construction of the port, the terminal of the feed factory unloading efficiency and reduce labor intensity, which pneumatic terminal suction (unloading) material machinery is a kind of Typical pneumatic conveying system.