Poultry Manure High Temperature Aerobic Fermentation Reactor

Poultry Manure High Temperature Aerobic Fermentation Reactor

Organic waste composter, high efficiency, high utilization.

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  The fermentation process generally not need to add fermentation additives(but in the cold season, could consider appropriate to add). In the fermentation of tanks about 7-10 days to produce a complete fermentation, completely decomposed, water content of 25% -35% of the organic fertilizer .


Because of the fermentation process under a sealed condition, also could collect waste gas and odor to centralized processing, discharged clean gas into the atmosphere; achieve discharge standards, prevent secondary pollution, for the benefit of society. (Exhaust emissions have been tracked by the Shandong Provincial Environmental Monitoring Co., Ltd. test, the data show that fully meet the national emission standards, and issued exhaust gas test report)


The fermentation reactor can reduce the amount of capital investment, low energy consumption, small occupied area, high degree of automation, one person can operate several set fermentation equipment, the production cost is relatively low, investment income is relatively ideal.


The Technical process:


High-temperature aerobic fermentation Process:

1. Organic waste( animal manure)

2. Input the  lifting hopper

3. Fermentation in stainless steel reactor

4. Organic fertilizer

Exhaust gas manage technological Process:

1. Water spraying tower

2. Photon catalytic oxidation system

3. Low temperature plasma deodorization system

4.  Induced draft fan

5.  Clean gas chimney

The Technical Specification:


3 Model to Choose :


Project Picture:


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