Chicken Manure Removal Machine For Poultry Farm

Promote the life span of the driving rope, double bearing, with rope-off-prevent device.

Product Details

Poultry manure excrement cleaning machine

The manure scraper is mainly used in the poultry farm which have the manure pool.  The manure pool can be cement column under the slats or manure ditch under the ground.  

It can improve the efficiency and reduce manpower cost, keep a good indoor air environment for animals, reduce the incidence of the disease.



      1) Heavy futy gearwheel drive motor: 2.2kw ;One drive motor drives 2 or 3 scrapers, the cleaning efficiency can reach as high            as 95%.

      2) Manure scraper: Hot galvanized steel, galvanizing weight is 275g/m2 ; The wideth is customizable ; Drive speed is 9-                       10m/min.

      3) Rope: High strengh chemical fiber rope ; Diameter: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm etc.

      4) Large dimeter corner wheel : Promote the life span of the driving rope, double bearing, with rope-off-prevent device.

      5) Easy  to operate, install , and maintain.Removal the manure cleanly and efficiently.

    Manure scraper system layout:

    张 (10)

 one motor with 3 scapers

张备用 (2)

         one motor with 3 scapers

张备用 (6)



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