What is the design concept of pig equipment?

- Aug 24, 2017-

Pigs equipment, including fattening pig noodles, nursery bed, high-bed nursery bed, ductile iron at the end of the bed, high-bed delivery bed, Gao Peizhen bed six series. Pig equipment which is divided into a lot of small class, there are careful specifications, models. How to choose the advanced economic pig equipment suitable for the scale and process of the pig farm is an important measure to improve the production level and economic efficiency

Sow litter and the cultivation of newborn piglets is a very important part of pig production, newborn piglets are small, frail, regulate the function of body temperature is not perfect, poor resistance to cold, Crushed, trampled. The survival rate of piglets depends largely on the structure of the pig house, the ventilation and ventilation and the structure of the delivery column.

The delivery column is a kind of monomer bar, is the place where the sow is breastfeeding. The middle of the delivery bar is a sow limit frame, where the sow is given birth and the piglets are breastfeeding, and both sides are places where piglets feed, drink, warm and move. Sow limiters are generally made of round steel pipe and aluminum alloy, the rear part of the installation of loose floor to remove feces and dirt, both sides of the piglet activity column, used to isolate piglets.

The delivery bar and the nursery bar are the key to modern pig farm design. Improve the safety and comfort of childbirth, nursery environment, the survival rate of piglets and growth, sow breastfeeding and physical recovery are very important.