What is livestock equipment maintenance?

- Aug 24, 2017-

Maintenance and maintenance of pig equipment refers to the use of livestock equipment in the process, by wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and other animal husbandry equipment to maintain and protect the equipment performance and technical conditions, and to extend the life of the device, We call livestock equipment maintenance.

What are the contents of the livestock equipment maintenance?

The maintenance of livestock equipment generally includes routine maintenance, regular maintenance, periodic inspection and precision inspection. In addition, for some mobile equipment, equipment lubrication and cooling system maintenance is also an important part of maintenance.

In general, the daily maintenance is the basis of the contents of the equipment maintenance work, so it must be institutionalized and standardized; equipment maintenance work on a regular basis need to develop work quota and material consumption quota, according to the amount of assessment. Equipment, regular maintenance work should be included in the scope of assessment of livestock management responsibility system; regular inspection is a planned preventive inspection, inspection means in addition to people's senses, but also have a certain inspection tools and equipment, according to regular check card Implementation, regular inspection is also known as regular inspection; In addition, the mechanical equipment should also be accurate to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment to the extent of the pros and cons.

What are the basic points for equipment maintenance?

1, clean: clean inside and outside the equipment, the sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, oil hole, etc. no oil, the parts do not leak, no leakage, equipment around the chip, debris, dirt to clean clean;

2, neat: tools, accessories, parts (products) to be neatly placed, pipelines, lines to be organized;

3, good lubrication: on time fuel or oil change, continuous oil, no dry friction phenomenon, normal oil, oil standard bright, smooth oil, oil meet the requirements, oil guns, oil cups, linoleum clean;

4, safety: to comply with safe operating procedures, not overload the use of equipment, equipment, safety and safety equipment complete and reliable, timely elimination of insecurity.