The sieve of the feed conveyor is seriously polished to cause a powder

- Aug 24, 2017-

Feed conveyor particle conveyor has been out of powder What is the reason? Come and follow Xiaobian together to find out about it:

The first reason, the degree of mold wear is relatively large, the sieve is polished, the expansion of serious, resulting in the pressure to the particles to reduce the impact of a particle formation rate, resulting in excessive powder.

The second reason, the moisture content of raw materials is too low or too high. If the water content is too high, the powder will not be too much, but the hardness of the particles is relatively low, the particles of the particles will easily loose loose. Raw materials, low water, it will be difficult to squeeze molding, resulting in excessive powder.

The third reason, the particle machine aging, lack of power, the motor can not provide enough speed, resulting in the corresponding pressure into particles.

The powder conveyor is used for the transport of the powdery solid particles, so the conveying speed of the solid particles in the transport process is a critical parameter value. Many aspects of this parameter value have a decisive effect on the whole machine , Come along with Xiao Bian look at it:

The average speed of the solid particles in the system increases with the increase of the apparent gas velocity during the operation of the powder conveyor. The reason for this phenomenon is that there is a significant difference between the gas phase and the solid phase in the steady state of the system, and the velocity of the gas phase is significantly higher than that of the solid phase. At the same time, there are obvious pressure differences in the different stages of the pipeline in the pipeline, so there is a clear force between the gas phase and the solid phase, and the gas phase drives the solid phase. Therefore, when the gas velocity increases in the system, its driving force to the solid phase also increases correspondingly, and the average velocity of the solid phase increases.

Automatic pipe chain machine is in the closed pipe, with a continuous drive for the transmission of material along the pipeline movement. When the level of delivery, the material particles by the chain in the direction of movement of the thrust. When the internal friction between the material is greater than the external friction between the material and the wall, the material will move forward with the chain to form a stable flow; when the vertical transport, the tube material particles by the chain up the thrust Because the lower part of the material to prevent the upper material down, so the lateral pressure, so the material to enhance the internal friction, when the material between the internal friction is greater than the material and the tube wall friction and material weight, the material The chain is conveyed upward to form a continuous stream.