Pigs for the benefit of the people

- Aug 24, 2017-

We all know that one of the important aspects of pig is to sell pigs. How to put the pig on the car when selling pigs? Have to mention the pig equipment. More than ten years, the method of changing pigs and changed, there are always shortcomings.

At the beginning is to install the pork cage, in the improvement of the pig cage by the wheel walking ladder. Feel more people, strenuous.

Later, with electronic said, go pig. Catch the pig strenuous, behind the pig is going to the car, the car and rushed down. Pigs running back and forth, and pull the weight of urine and urine. People still less or not. Then later, bought a power hyacinth up hanging. Think provincial people, effort, pigs on the weight. The disadvantage is that the distance between the car before and after the master. When the pig cage rises, the person pulls down the pull before it is quite insecure.

Pig equipment to achieve my best purpose is:

1. sell pigs do not ask for people. Now idle less, are busy Pig to help easily with bacteria. In addition, to find a few people have a meal how to spend 300 it, have to catch people. If the leisure time, spend 300 friends please drink, is not it better?

2. Do not sell pork. Their own, said his cage, selling pigs throughout the monitoring, checkout when the money detector placed there, do not give them the opportunity to take.

3. pig movement. Open the pen door, do not bother them. One by one to install the pig cage, hanging on the car. We all know, pig tummy all right, a movement and pull and urine. Remember, a bubble of feces is a bowl of pork, a bubble of urine is a bottle of high-grade wine ah.

4. less money, more work. I bought the electric hoist less than 800 yuan, and then buy some iron, three or four meals is enough money. In addition, other goods loading, unloading will do.

Of course, I am referring to a one-time selling 10 a few, 30 or so head of the field. If you sell a few hundred head of a large field, you certainly a lot of workers, how to do is how not to go to those workers can send temper, it is another matter. Are we husband and wife dare you?