Pigs equipment with interval brick wall metal column structure

- Aug 24, 2017-

Pigs are equipped with a partition wall of metal wall structure, the column with hot galvanized pipe, the frame with a "water pipe, vertical bar and bar with 1/2" water pipe, each boar bar is equipped with a cast iron trough and A pure copper duckbill automatic drinking device. Matching column with metal column spacing of the fence, hot galvanized pipe, frame 1 ", grille 1/2." Sow single limit bar: sow slides and The door frame with 3/4 "wooden grating, 1/2" hot galvanized pipe, hindquarters 0.60m, the use of horizontal strip of cast iron leakage fecal floor. Each limit bar is equipped with a cast iron trough and a pure Copper duck mouth automatic drinking fountains, but also the use of a unified arc-shaped cement trough. Auxiliary equipment: sow metal limit column set up a feeding device to reduce the feeding stress, conditional field can also be equipped with automatic feeding system. Manufacturing and installation requirements: positioning bar manufacturing, after processing, and then the overall hot-dip zinc treatment, which will help extend the service life of the equipment to avoid sharp edges and corners on the pig body damage. In accordance with the narrow width of the trapezoidal gap design, easy to leak manure. Equipment installation must pay attention to changes in the slope.