Poultry Farming Gas Brooder Warming Heater for Poultry Livestock House

Goldenest Poultry &Pig Farm Heating Equipments Poultry-livestock heating : widely used in poultry heating, farrowing, nursery, grower-finisher, wean-to-finish Model 1. Automatic Electric Heater Usually for chicks or piglet Model 2. Automatic Coal Heater Model 3. DAMLY -- DO 66 GAS Heater...

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       Goldenest Poultry &Pig Farm Heating Equipments

Poultry-livestock heating : 
widely used in poultry heating, farrowing, nursery, grower-finisher, wean-to-finish



Model 1.  Automatic Electric Heater


Usually for chicks or piglet

The size:    55cm*55cm*22cm
The weight 7.2kg/Set
The materialAluminium alloy frame,Carbon fiber heating element
The warm area20 square meter/Set
The parts included1.Air fan 2.Temperature displayer 3.Temperature adjust unit

 Model 2.  Automatic  Coal  Heater 

Rated calorific value50000calorie100000calorie200000calorie300000calorie
Rated hot amount of wind1131-2531m3/h1688-6517m3/h4012-7419m3/h3376-13034m3/h
Rated coal consumption10 kg/h20kg/h40kg/h60kg/h
Heat area300m2500m2100m21200m2

Model 3.     DAMLY -- DO 66 GAS Heater



Gas typeliquefied gasnatural gasmarsh gas
Gas consumption4.8kg/h6.2m3/h12m³/h
Gas pressure25-55 mbar17-25 mbar20-30 mbar
Low heat power66KW45KW
High heat power73KW49KW
Exit temperature120℃100℃
Warm area500㎡/set300㎡/set
Ignition methodspark ignition
Hot air flow1700m³/h
Rated voltage220V AC 50HZ/60HZ
Power consumption370W
Control methodAutomatic start and stop of constant temperature
Installation methodHoisting or support inside and outside house
Equipment weight55Kg
Equipment size(Length*Width*Height)  625mm*490mm*760mm
Equipment material304 Stainless or hot galvanized steel
Package methodStandard carton

 Model 4.   DAMLY -- GAS Heating Umbrella


Usually using for chicks or piglet

Gas typeliquefied gasnatural gas
Gas pressure20-1400 mbar  2-140KPa8-270 mbar  0.8-27KPa
Maximum power6.5KW
Gas consumption473 g/h618 L/h
Need to change gas23m³/h/KW
Equipment material304 stainless
Warm area36㎡/set




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