Breeder Layer Egg Nest Plastic Mats

Breeder Layer Egg Nest Plastic Mats

The size 250*300mm&250*370mm The material:100% raw PP,patent recipe Soft and comfortable,reduce breeder egg broken Reasonable bottom hole size more excellent manure leakage and ventilation performance
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100% raw material breeder layer egg nest egg laying plastic mats


  (0).jpg (1).jpg

      The Size : 370mm*250mm and 300mm*250mm


Notes :

1,The 370mm*250mm size egg nest pad using for our company 24 holes manual egg nest, like following :

 (2).jpg (3).jpg


2, For our company automatic egg nest . Every set using 4 pcs 370mm*250mm and 2 pcs 300mm*250mm. Like following :

 (4).jpg (5).JPG


Advantage of plastic mats:

1. The plastic mat is made of raw material plus modified receip, keep the plastic modification.

The formula is imported from Japan, have good toughness, the imitation grass are guaranteed

not to fall, warranty of more than 10 years using life. 

2. And at the bottom of mats have the suitable size hole, one function is ventilation and

breathability for providing a comfortable laying environment, the other function is manure leak,

keep the mats surface clean.