poultry house Manual Egg Nest

Made by hot galvanized steel Independent room,avoid hen across each other Nest's frame design air hole,insure nest well ventilation
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Product Details

Goldenest Manual Egg Picking box for layer/breeder laying manual egg nest 



1. 24 holes design, 1520*1285*1020mm size, with 24 plastic laying trays


2. Galvanized plate thickness 0.5mm, one set weight is 47kg. Galvanizing weight 275g/m2, 

reach international standards.


3. Use PVC pedal , better than wooden pedal. Won't bend and breed bacteria, no thorns, it is more durable.



4.Also can choose the high quality black plastic mats, size 370*250mm. 


5.  Unique anti-aircraft surface to maintain a clean egg nests,air flow of information

 has a good egg production environment


Product Images

 manual laying egg boxes




Advantage of plastic mats:

  • The plastic mat is made of raw material plus modified receip, keep the plastic modification. The formula is imported from Japan,

  • have good toughness, the imitation grass are guaranteed not to fall, warranty of more than 10 years using life. 

  • And at the bottom of mats have the suitable size hole, one function is ventilation and breathability for providing a comfortable

  • laying environment, the other function is manure leak, keep the mats surface clean.





Company information

    Shandong Goldenest Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  is the professional enterprise which engaged in the design, 

research, and manufacture of the husbandry of poultry and livestock. 
    We have the most powerful R & D deparment and advanced equipment to manufacture our products.  
Exclusive auger 

production line imported from Germany have been used on Feb.2000.

    Our products have been exported to more than 60 foreign countries, and also provide to many large scale farms in China. 

 We have 25 engineers in designing and manufacturing auto feeding systems to poultry and pigs, as well as nipple drinking 

system, ventilation system, environment control system, and egg collecting system. All of them are designed by CAD / CAE / CAM 

systems with ISO9001: 2000 /CE certified .

   Welcome to visit our company ,hope to get a good cooperation with you.