Breeder Manual Egg Nest

Breeder Manual Egg Nest

Manual egg nest with low price, for breeder, egg layer, hens

Product Details

24 hole manual egg nest

1. Size: 1520(length)*1285(width)*1020 (height)mm, double side, 24 holes design, one nest hole size 380*250mm.  
2. High quality 0.5mm Galvanized plate, one set weight 47kg, zinc weight 275g/m2, reach international standards.
3. Use high-quality plastic pedal, smooth and no thorns, better than wood. 
4. Also have the high quality black plastic mats, size 370*250mm.  
5. Egg nest tray made of modified PP material, size 370*250mm, more durable.

6. Two sides egg nest sheet have air holes, make air flows in the nest, creat a good egg production environment, reduce             floor and ground eggs.

7. Anti-perching makes the egg nest surface clean.

8. CE certificate approved with high quality.

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