Best Nest Box For Poultry Chicken Layer Egg Collecting Syetem

Chicken house power and gas heating temperature control heater

Product Details

Poultry Farming Equipment Egg Nest 


Features of our laying nests

1) Size: 2000x675x860mm.

2) The nest house is made by high quality hot galvanized sheet.

3) Cork base is made by modified PP.

4) Natural air circulation can keep a good lay egg environment. Warm in winter and cool in summer.

5) The automatic egg nest can set on/off time every day automaticly and adjust the egg belt speed, improve the automatic control, intelligent management level.

6) The plastic mats material formula is imported from Japan, have good toughness, the imitation grass are guaranteed not to fall. And at the bottom of mats have the suitable size hole, one function is ventilation and breathability for providing a comfortable laying environment, the other function is manure leak, keep the mats surface clean.

7) The service life of our laying nest is more than 10 years.


egg nest 01

egg nest 02

egg nest 03



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