Chicken Egg Nest System

Double side and single side two types for your choose, also have 24 hole manual egg nest

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Chicken egg nest system

1. The automatic egg nest can set on/off time every day automaticly, and  adjust the egg belt speed, improve the automatic control, intelligent management level.


2. The final purpose for use automatic egg nest is producing more high quality eggs, creating more benifits.The enclosed is one set egg datas of two poultry house which a large breeding farm offered us in the process of using our automatic egg nest. The datas proved that hatchable egg rate, ground egg rate, dirty egg rate, broken egg rate all performed excellent.


3. Up and down nestbed overturn system, for driving the hens out from the nest at night by automatic up the nestbed, avoid the hens sitting and brooding in nest, affect appetite and egg production.

Double side type:


Single side type: ( hang it on the side wall)



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