Poultry House Farming Spraying Line

Poultry House Farming Spraying Line

Movable pump station,using high-pressure plunger pump with 10-70kg/cm outlet pressure,and 70-125L/min flow rate. Normally one movable pump station can used for one house or 2 house.

Product Details

High Pressure Fine Misting System // Cooling Misting System for poultry house



1. Product show:




Movable pimp station, using high-pressure plunger pump with 10-70kg/cm outlet

pressure, and 70-125L/min flow rate.


How it works: use high pressure pumps and high pressure micro nozzles to produce tiny

particles of mist to evaporate and cool down. This method is the use of sophisticated

manufacturing technology, produced in line with the principles of fluid mechanics nozzle,

and through high-pressure pumps produce high pressure water, through high-pressure

pipe system access nozzle, spray small water mist. Nozzle manufacturing requires higher

technology, and the system requires a higher cost. The high-pressure micro mist system

makes super tiny droplets reach 5 - 10 micron, thus greatly improve the efficiency of evaporation,

the evaporation of water is greatly increased, the absorption of heat in the vaporization process

of water, reduce the temperature and increase air relative humidity. As the air humidity increases,

it will greatly reduce the harmful dust in the air, to achieve the role of air purification.

In the process of using, there is no water drop phenomenon, atomization, range, and so on.

If the large flow axial fan is used, the air volume in the room can be increased, and the flow

rate of the air can be increased, so that the use effect can be further improved

2. Basic parameter of spray system





























1. Special nozzle: professional refining, anti blocking, corrosion protection, drip water, spray radiation

distance of 1.8-3.5 meters. The atomization rate of spray is over 99%. When the temperature is above

30 degrees, the rate of vaporization of aerosol particles is more than 96%, just like the clouds in the

mountains. Is the brood humidification, with chicken disinfection, fast cooling the best choice.

2.  High pressure quick insert spray seat: electroplating stainless steel, anti-corrosion. No need to

install a wrench, without glue, without heat, as long as the tube gently inserted, even when the

pressure above 8Mpa can be watertight. Anyone can easily disassemble and assemble without any tools.

3. High pressure nylon pipe: withstand pressure in 8-12Mpa, 30 years without aging.

4. High voltage host: portable one machine, step up fast, smooth pressure, pressure at 5-15Mpa

regulation at will. High wear resistance, all-weather work for a long time.

5. water purifier: nano scale water treatment system, to ensure the cleanliness of the pipeline.



3. Actual scene:




1. Disinfection: after adding disinfectant, micro mist particles can be combined with bacteria

and viruses suspended in the air, and sterilization and disinfection are more thorough. In the

process of aerosol particle gasification, oxygen enriched ions can also be dissolved to make

the livestock house fresh and provide better feeding environment.

2. Cooling: micro mist particles instantaneous gasification, absorption of heat energy in space,

so that the rapid cooling of space temperature.

3. Humidity: aerosol particles of 5-10 micron, the gasification of uniform into the air, on the

environment where humidification, improve the survival rate of the brood, due to dry weather

and respiratory disease have a good preventive effect.

4. Installation layout


5. Other models:


Four direction sprinkler features:

1. The spraying capacity is large, the distribution of fog points is even, and the installation is simple

2. Four point nozzle angle is 90 degrees, no dead center in the center, disinfection more thorough.

3. The nozzle itself uses 120 mesh stainless steel mesh and double nylon mesh, which can effectively

prevent the nozzle from clogging.










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