Poultry Equipment Light Trap For Ventilation Fan

1380*1380*267mm for 50' fans, 1000*1000*267mm for 36' fans, 270*560mm for air inlet window

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Poultry equipment light trap for ventilation fan

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1380*1380*267mm for 50' fans, 1000*1000*267mm for 36' fans, 270*560mm for air inlet window


  • Made of non-glare PVC materials by extrusion molding, anti-aging, chemical resistant, high pressure washable.

  • Width: 222mm, Thickness: 1.1mm

  • Fastener material: Copolymer PP  Weight:47.2g  Height:30mm

  • Vanes are connected by fasteners, increasing the contact area more firmly. 





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    Livestock and poultry manure compost machine", also known as animal manure aerobic fermentation machine; Reactor material: national standard 304 stainless steel, hydraulic power to drive the blade rotation, high pressure fan continuous oxygenation fermentation, to achieve all-weather operation. By now, our company have produced three models of the fermentation reactor. Mainly designed for the collecting daily fresh manure, waste, animal carcasses of livestock and poultry farms. It is also the ideal fermentation equipment for organic fertilizer manufacturers.


    The fermentation reactor can reduce the amount of capital investment, low energy consumption, small occupied area, high degree of automation, one person can operate several set fermentation equipment, the production cost is relatively low, investment income is relatively ideal.

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    Shandong Goldenest Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  is the professional enterprise which engaged in the design, research, and manufacture of the husbandry of poultry and livestock. 
    We have the most powerful R & D deparment and advanced equipment to manufacture our products.  E
xclusive auger production line imported from Germany have been used on Feb.2000.

    Our products have been exported to more than 60 foreign countries, and also provide to many large scale farms in China.  We have 25 engineers in designing and manufacturing auto feeding systems to poultry and pigs, as well as nipple drinking system, ventilation system, environment control system, and egg collecting system. All of them are designed by CAD / CAE / CAM systems with ISO9001: 2000 /CE certified .

   Welcome to visit our company ,hope to get a good cooperation with you.



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