Less Gas Consumption Poultry Gas Brooder For Chicks

Less Gas Consumption Poultry Gas Brooder For Chicks

Gas Heater, using for chick or piglet.

Product Details

DO 6500+ 四张

Usually using for chicks or piglet

Model:    DO 6500,   with one controller in charge of 1-20 Sunflower brooders.

               DO 6500+, each heater has one controller.

The purpose of this brooder is to raising of farm animals and heating of agricultural use warehouses.
It is a progressive brooder with manual ignition. It works with LPG or Natural gas depending on the model, it could be placed inside the farm buildings.

Description of SUNFLOWER
- Fuel: Liquefied gas or natural gas
- Power: 6.5KW
- AISI 304 Stainless steel chassis
- High quality refractory stainless steel burner
- Safety gas valve with thermocouple
- Air filter

- Integrated gas control system under ultra high temperature
- Quick to heat up, efficient on radiant heating

- Better ambiance and less gas consumption
- Create a better life for the animals

Gas type
Liquefied gas
Natural gas

Gas pressure
20-1400 mbar 2-140KPa
8-270 mbar 0.8-27KPa

Maximum power

Gas consumption
473 g/h
618 L/h

Need to change gas

Equipment material
304 stainless

Warm area
36 m2 / set

360mm x diameter 470mm

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