Automatic Environment Control System For Chicken House Controller

Automatic Environment Control System For Chicken House Controller

Poultry or Llivestock House Environment Controller System

Product Details

Poultry House Environment Controller
Environment control system using in modern poultry control house, to automatic control poultry house's temperature, humidity, light by control ventilation fan, cooling pad, side wall air inlet, poultry heater, LED lighting line. To provide a ideal and friendly environment for poultry growing.
Agro Logic T607 / T610 / T616 control panel
Goldenest environment control panel import from Israel, from Agro Logic company. With the best quality, automatic system for broiler, breeder, layer control house.

Detailed Image

05.jpgHumidity sensor

Temperature sensor

IMG_20150512_110015.jpgGoldenest electric control box and alarm box

Install the complete environment control system in operation room. 

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