Hot Sale Cooling Pad System For Poultry/pig/sheep/animals House

Hot sale different size feeder hoppper is made by galvanized for chicken,pig and animals house.

Product Details

Hot sale Cooling pad system for poultry/pig/sheep/animals house


Cooling system:Water go through the pipe under the pressure of pump and enter the paper, then forms water spray,when the dry and hot air go through the cooling pad under the pressure of fans,the heat in the air left by the cool water in the cooling pad,in this way,reach the cooling purposes.


The material : Made by 100% imported fiber paper and pure glue.

The weight :  For Type 7090, every cubic meter 26kg .

The paper density : For Type 7090, If 600mm width, Use 85 piece paper.  

The using life : 8--10 years.


The features and benefits :

1.the pad made by imported fiber paper,keep durable and corrosion resistant .

2.the frame made by galvanized steel plate,stainless steel or aluminium alloy,keep it solid and long serve life.

3.the standard liked the form above,the size and frame material can custom along your require.

4.the cooling pad keep heavy water capacity and strong cooling rate.

5.the area of water evaporation is big,cooling rate as high as 80% more.

6.enduring to provide comfortable temperature and humidity for poultry house.




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