Brown Cooling Pad Poultry House Equipment

The product contains suface active agent, natural water absorbability , fast pervasion speed, lasting effectiveness. A drop of water can diffuse in 4-5 seconds. Height of absorb: 60-70mm/5minutes, 200mm/1.5hours, can achieve international standard.

Product Details

Brown cooling pad poultry house equipment

MATERIAL: Corrugated Paper, Glue

COLOR: Dark Brown, Customized

MAIN SIZE: As per Customer's Request


1.Made from Corrugated Paper and Glue, with High Tech, Heavy Load.

3. The Finished Evaporative Cooling Pad with Aluminum Alloy, save Labor Cost.

4. The Stainless Fasteners are Anti-rust, can Keep the Cooling Pad Stable.

5.High Absorbability , High Water Resistance .Using Anti-mildew and Moth-Preventive Material with Long Life Service.

6. Using Spatial Crossing Linking Technology , Large Evaporation Area , Cooling efficiency Up to 95%.

7. With Active Carbon Can Speed Up Absorbing Water, Absorb Water Naturally , Rapid Penetration , Lasting Effectiveness . A Drop of Water can Diffuse in 4-5 seconds . Height of Absorb Water :60-70 mm/5 minutes , 200mm/1.5 hours , comply with International Standard.



    Cooling Pad Structure

    cooling pad install


   Practical application case


 Packiaging and shipping 


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