Fully Automatic Side Wall Air Inlet Ventilation Window

Fully Automatic Side Wall Air Inlet Ventilation Window

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 Fully Automatic Side Wall Air Inlet Ventilation Window



35air inlet's light filter

1.System composition








Air inlet window






1. Usually 3meter distance in poultry house side wall.

2. Made by 100% raw plastic

3. Also design intercept birds net in behind and guide plate to guide air flow.

4. Easy to adjust inlet angle,

Keep reasonable air flow .




    Drive unit



Automatic       drive motor

1. drive motor could drive one line or two lines.

2.The motor can be control by environment control panel automatic.

Manual opening winch

Manual winch to open and close by hand

2.Using in poultry house




3.The Advantage:

1)The window:

1.made by best raw plastic,so keep durable and strong.

2.the air inlet keep beautiful design

3.good  seal  air inlet

2)the switch unit:

use electric or manual device ,to adjust the open angle uniform,

have no  into air dead angle

3)pulley parts:

used φ5 galvanized cold drawn wire,keep open angle uniform

used plastic small pully to turn direction  and transport power,easy and


4.How to install ??


air inlet window install.jpg






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