Whosesale Complete Poultry House Equipment

Whosesale Complete Poultry House Equipment

1.feed silo 2.feeding line 3. drinking line 4.plastic slat 5.cleaning system 6.environment control system 7.cooling pad system 8.heating system 9.lighting system
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Product Details

Chicken farming system/Poultry raising equipment




Galvanized feed pipe

3 meter/ set, Φ45 feed pipe ,Galvanizing weight 275g/m2

Feed auger

Φ36 feed auger

Broiler feeder pan(with end pan )

14 grids,330mm diameter,Patent protect product

Driver Motor with reducer ;

Auto switch


Can custom

Winch H3500 & Adapter

Winch Handle

Feed Outlet  #2 with Adapter


Feed bin

Capacity:50KG,can custom 70KG, 90KG etc.

Feed Sensor

Made in Israel{Best Option}  

Steel Wire #4(cables)

Φ4.0 mm wire

Steel Wire #1.5(anti-perching)

Φ1.5 mm wire

Suspending parts

3.0 wire,hook,clip,adjust buckle,Dia 90 and 45 pulley etc.