Complete Poultry House Equipment

Complete Poultry House Equipment

for broiler house, layer house, breeder house.

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Broiler House Design


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Breeder House Design




1.Filling System


                                     Feed silo                                                                                              Feed pit hopper


    feed silo:

      1.Capacity from 2 Ton to 22 Ton,satisfy different size poultry house.

      2.Galvanized weight reach 275g/m2,overall hot dip galvanized,anti-corrosion,antioxidant,acidoresistance,keep 15 years life outdoor using.

      3.Optimized feed conversion,keeping feed fresh,reduce feed waste.

      4.Patent sealed lid guard,


   feed pit hopper:

    Made by hot galvanized steel ,Capacity have 100kg;200kg;400kg;800kg;1.5Ton.

      The unloader has variety of angles from 30 to 180,could afjust flexible according your request,easy to install.



2. Broiler pan feeding line



3.Breeder Chain-Disc Circle Pan Feeding System


4.Breeder and Layer Metal Chain Feeding System


  5.Ventilation Fan System                                                             





6.poultry plastic slats




Big square hole plastic slat

1020mm*600mm*40mm / 2.2kg / hole size:25mm*20mm

Small square hole plastic slat

1020mm*600mm*40mm / 2.38kg / hole size:8mm*6mm

Oblong hole plastic slat

1200mm*500mm*40mm / 2.3kg / hole size:40*18mm

Oblong hole plastic slat

1000mm*500mm*40mm / 1.91kg / hole size:40*18mm

Triangle beam (8cm height)

made by PVC    1kg/meter

Triangle beam (12cm height)

made by PVC    1.55kg/meter

Support leg -A

Height freewill as the PVC support pipe can custom length

Support leg -B

Height adjust from 18cm to 28cm



7.Gas Heating System


  8. Side Wall Curtain System


PVC or PE material

White,bule or green color 



M6 (1).jpg


9.egg nest




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