Complete Poultry Farming Equipment In Chicken House

The System include: 1. Automatic pan feeding line/ pan feeder 2. Automatic nipple drinking line/ nipple drinker 3. Feed filling system silo and hopper 4. Ventilation system fan & Air inlet 5. Cooling pad system 6. Heating system 7. Automatic environment control system 8. Manure automatic cleaning system 9. Spraying system 10. Plastic slats floor for poultry

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 Complete Poultry Farming Equipment in Chicken House

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Complete Poultry House Farming Equipment


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   The System include:

1. Automatic pan feeding line/ pan feeder

2. Automatic nipple drinking line/ nipple drinker

3. Feed filling system silo and hopper

4. Ventilation  system fan & Air inlet

5. Cooling pad system 

6. Heating system 

7. Automatic environment control system 

8. Manure automatic cleaning system

9. Spraying system

10. Plastic slats floor for poultry 



  If you tell us the poultry house length and width, the quantity of birds, we could provide you a design scheme and complete quotation sheet;

  If you tell us your purchased quantity for single products, we could provide you a best price based on your order quantity;


1. The Automatic pan feeding line system / pan feeder


(1). The pan feeding line include:

The pan feeder /  galvanized pipe /  feed auger /  feed bin /  drive motor /  feed sensor / The winch / other parts

(2). The pan feeder : Made by copolymerization PP (engineering plastics), low fat soluble, plus ourself patent nostrum, to keep best tenacity and uvioresistant. 

(3). Freewill adjust feeding level,keep feed distribution uniform and quickly.

(4).All ages of broiler, from one day chick to adult chicken

(5). All parts along  international standard.



2. The automatic nipple drinking system / nipple drinker


(1). The nipple drinking line system include:

the nipple drinker with drip cup / the PVC drinking pipe / the galvanized bearing pipe / Pressure regulator / the filter / the backlash unit / the winch / other parts

(2). The material :

the nipple made by 304 stainless steel

the drinker body made by ABS engineering plastics

the drip cup made by copolymerization PP 

the drinking pipe made by PVC

(3).drink from 360 degrees.

(4). use for all ages poultry.

(5).easy to install and self-clean, provide big flow cleaning water. 


3. Feed filling system silo and hopper


(1). Capacity from 2 Ton to 22 Ton size. 

(2). Made by hot galvanized or fiberglass. the galvanized weight reach more than 275g in one square meter.

(3). Top project design and durable body, prevent the rain and snow influence.


Capacity (Ton) Diameter (m)Height (m) Legs(pcs)Plate Thickness / Vertebral / Cylindrical (mm)





4. Cooling pad system


(1). Type 7090 / type 5090 / Type 6090 / Type 7060, also could custom

(2). The height / width / thickness , all size we have. like 1800mm*600mm*150mm / 1500mm*600mm*100mm. 

(3). The cooling pad made by imported fiber paper, pure glue.

(4). keep 8-10 year using life. 

(5). Also have  aluminium frame , water pump and pipe to provide.


5. Ventilation system fans & air inlet 


(1). Kinds of size and type. 

50' Butterfly Cone fan  /  50' and 36' Centrifugal fan 

(2)The plastic air inlet size is 270mm*560mm


6. Heating system for poultry house


 Kinds of type to choose: Hot-blast heater of coal and diesel, poultry gas heater , electric heater


7. The automatic environment control system

(1). T607 , T610 and T616 . 

(2). Environment controller / control electric box / temperature and humidity sensor / alarm device .

(3). Automatic control the cooling , the fan, the air inlet , keep the poultry house comfortable environment. 


8. The automatic manure cleaning system 

(1). Could design and custom along your poultry house width and layout. 

(2). Include the cleaning scraper / the drive motor / the corner / the rope .

(3). One motor could drive 2 or 3 scraper to work at same time. 


9. The plastic slats floor 


1. The material


100% PP raw material plus ourself patent nostrum, to keep best tenacity and uvioresistant, high-duty and resist corrosion.

2.  four size :

(1). big square hole 1020mm*600mm*40mm / hole size is 25*20mm / weight is 2.2kg

(2). small square hole 1020mm*600mm*40mm / hole size is 8*6mm / weight is 2.38kg

(3). oblong hole 1200mm*500mm*40mm / hole size is 40mm*18mm / weight is 2.3kg

(4). oblong hole 1000mm*500mm*40mm / hole size is 40mm*18mm / weight is 1.91kg

3. Keep good leakage dung rate as the rational hole design.

4. The support leg could adjust height, the triangle beam could custom length along you.

5. Warranty of 20 years using life.


 10.Automatic egg nest system


Our production line


Company information

   Shandong Goldenest Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is the earliest enterprise which engaged in the design,research,and manufacture of the automatic farming equipment for poultry and livestock since 1 9 8 7. By now,Goldenest has accumulated about 3 0 year’s experience in technical innovation.

   Goldenest cover area of 80000m2, factory area 45000m2, office and research building area 6000m2, have 25 engineers, around 500 workers. Located at Sancheng Road No.261, Ecomomic Development Zone, Qingdao Pingdu City, Shandong Province of China.

   In 2 0 0 0 year, Goldenest imported Germany patent feed auger technology and produce lines. Now , Goldenest is the only one professional Germany feed auger manufacturer in China.

   Goldenest has about 3 0 patent design and technology in total, like breeder metering cylinder feeding system, breeder plastic chain-plate open trough feeding system, automatic egg nest system, broiler pan feeder, pig chain feeding system etc.,

   Goldenest have exported integrated equipment to many countries and areas, like Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, India, Australia , US and Canada ,etc.

   Based on customer's requirements and layout,Goldenest could supply complete automatic poultry and pig farming equipment as a turnkey project.

   Goldenest sincerely invite you to visit our factory,believe we will be your satisfied partner. 





1.Q:Terms of payment.

  A:TT  is ok for us.

2.Q:Delivery time.

   A:All poultry and livestock farm equipmen will be shipped in 20 days after order confirmd.

3.Q:Service life of the poultry farm equipment.

   A:10 years service life of our poultry farm equipment.

4.Q:Is free sample available?

   A:Free sample is ok for us, it's the client for freight.

5.Q:I need quotation for full sets poultry farm equipment.

   A:Please let me know the following info:

      1.House size:Length&Width

      2.Height of side&central wall

      3.If for chicken/broiler,chicken weight while moved out.

      4.If for breeder,rearing density or target breeder amounts.

Your enquiry will be replied at first time.



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