GOLDENEST Complete Pig House Farming Equipment

GOLDENEST Complete Pig House Farming Equipment

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GOLDENEST Complete pig house farming equipment

Automatic pig farming equipment include:

1. Pig feeding system

2. Pig feeder &drinker

3. Pig stall & Slats floor

4. Environment control & Manure cleaning system



1. Pig feeding system:


**Galvanized feed silo



**Fiberglass feed silo




PVC tube: Unique formula, non-toxic, wear-resisting and durable.

Feeder auger: Germany patent technology and produce line. Wire material import from Japan. Made by carbon steel, no welding spot. The only professional feed auger manufacturer in China.



**Dispenser feeding line line for gestation pig:


The sow should be feed-limited around the period of farrowing, the transparent dispense of this system, can control the feed amount accurately for each sow, and feed them at the same time.



**Dropper feeding line for fattening pig


Large diameter pipe and auger, the length of the feeding line can reach as long as 200m or above, transmission efficiency 1.5T/H, 2.5T/H, 4T/H, etc available.

Manure technology, reliable performance, to be used in variety scale of pig houses.


**Chain-disc cycle feeding system:

--Uses for dry power feeding in gestation, nursery, farrowing house.

--Main parts of this system are imported products

--The end of the chain-disc feed line choose special feeding controller to ensure an accurate feed stuff amount.

--Driving parts made by stainless steel high quality motor. 

2.  pig feeder &Drinker

  **Pig dry and wet feeder:



--Easy feed and water access for pigs

--Feed on both side

--Feed and water are supplied separately, prevent mildew, feeding safely.

--50 pigs per feeder, better performance than other kind feeder.


**Stainless double side pig feeder



**Pig nipple drinker and pig drink bowl:



3. Pig stall & Slats floor

**Farrowing crates:




**Sow single stall



**Double type nursery crates:



**Slats floor:



--Connect of plastic and cast iron slats

--Beam: fiberglass & cast iron

--Support leg: PVC & cast iron


4. Environment control & Manure process system


**Ventilation fan




**Manure cleaning scraper: