Automatic Broiler Feeding And Drinking System

Poultry farm equipments include: 1. Feed filling system silo / hopper 2. Automatic pan feeding line 3. Automatic nipple drinking line 4. Cooling pad system 5. Ventilation system fans & air inlet 6. Heating system 7. Automatic environment control system 8. Manure automatic cleaning system 9. Plastic slats floor for poultry 10. Spraying system

Product Details

chicken equipment design(two floors)

Automatic broiler feeding and drinking system

Galvanized feed pipe3 meter/ set, Φ45 feed pipe ,Galvanizing weight 275g/m2
Feed augerΦ36 feed auger
Broiler feeder pan(with end pan )14 grids,330mm diameter,Patent protect product

Driver Motor with reducer ;

Auto switch

Winch H3500 & Adapter


Can custom

Winch Handle
Feed Outlet  #2 with AdapterΦ45 
Feed binCapacity:50KG,can custom 70KG, 90KG etc.
Feed SensorMade in Israel{Best Option}  
Steel Wire #4(cables)Φ4.0 mm wire
Steel Wire #1.5(anti-perching)Φ1.5 mm wire
Suspending parts3.0 wire,hook,clip,adjust buckle,Dia 90 and 45 pulley etc.


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