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Product Details

              Goldenest Automatic Broiler pan feeding system

Pan Feeding Line Components

Galvanized feed pipe

3 meter/ set, Φ45 feed pipe ,galvanizing weight 275g/m2

feed auger

 Φ36 feed auger

Broiler feeder pan(with end pan )

14 grids,330mm diameter,Patent protect product

Driver Motor with reducer ; auto switch

0.75Kw/3Pha/50Hz/380V, can custom

Winch H3500 & Adapter

Winch Handle

Feed Outlet  #2 with Adapter


Feed bin

Capacity:50KG,can custom 70KG, 90KG etc.

Feed Sensor

Made in Israel{Best Option}  图片75(001).jpg

Steel Wire #4(cables)

Φ4.0 mm wire

Steel Wire #1.5(anti-perching)

Φ1.5 mm wire

Suspending parts

3.0 wire,hook,clip,adjust buckle,Dia 90 and 45 pulley etc.

Broiler pan feeder parts:


Pan feeding line components:
 Use in Farm:


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