Male Breeder Feeding Line

Male Breeder Feeding Line

male breeder feeding line from China

Product Details

Breeder Farm Equipment Feeding System for Male Breeder

1. Accurately metering feed level

2. Feed automatic drop to bottom pan synchronously

3. Limiting feed and saving feed




By the expansion control unit, the globule and plug could lift and down automatic.

By adjust the plug's height, could control how many feed stocked in plastic metering cylinder;

By lift and down the globule, could release the feed into the pan from metering cylinder.

The features and benefits :

1  Accurate metering,can improve the uniformity of the birds remarkably.
2  Screw transport,straight line feeding,reduce equipment breakdown probability
3  Feed simultaneously,the feed system will fill all the feed cylinder,and the open the flow control unit,the birds get feed at the  same time.
4  Easy to control the feed level,can adjust feed level accurately and save manpower
5  The diameter of the feeder pan is 400mm,with 18 spokes,avoid or decrease birds compete and crash.
6  The pan feeder can keep rooster from competing with hens for feed
7  The pan feeders is made from special compound plastic and hot galvanized steel tube for life time using


Electric scaler

When the automatic feed release unit work, lifting all feeder’s black ball up, all feed drop at the same time.


Use in practice:

We have close cooperation with China's major breeder farms, and have received many compliments from satisfied clients.




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